New Single ‘Climb’ Available June 12th!

Seasoned Danish songwriter Stefan Avivson makes his triumphant return following the 2018 release of ‘We Are Who We Are’ with ‘It’s Alright’, a wholesome, self-reflective pop-rock EP that details a series of hardships for Avivson, catalysed by the passing of his mother, and his personal rise from the ashes of depression.

A collaboration between Avivson and Disney composer Marc-George Andersen, ‘Climb’ tip-toes between several different genres and features traditional African chanting from African Footprint Legends, which truly sets the song apart from the rest of the Dane’s debut EP. Befitting as a Disney film theme itself, ‘Climb’ expands on an old cliche by reaching into the depths of Avivson’s soul to give us a glimpse into his own personal comeback story.